Looking for small business marketing help but don’t want agency pricing….We are the affordable marketing agency for your small business.

Are you the owner of a small business who wears many hats and feels like branching out into digital marketing? Do you feel like you’re working more hours than you want to and don’t have the time to spend on marketing? Or maybe just looking to grow your business.

Save time and money with our marketing help – it’s the perfect solution for Mom & Pop shops and local service companies! Here’s why….

We specialize in:

  • New websites and even refresh the old ones
  • E-Commerce
  • Online forms to connect to clients
  • Online scheduling
  • Google and Facebook advertising
  • SEO and local search
  • Google map listings
  • Photography and videos to showcase your service and products

We are the perfect fit for an established business that doesn’t have the time or tech savvy to handle marketing on their own.

What we do for you:

  • Affordable for small business
  • Build long-term relationships (Many of our clients have been working with us for over ten years)
  • We are always here to help with any questions.
  • We analyze your business and help to determine what type of marketing services will work with your company and fit your budget.
  • Give recommendations about what would be best with your budget
  • Last, but best, we are affordable because we don’t have inflated staff you have to pay for.

We are a small 2-person shop just like you. We outsource when needed but most jobs we handle in-house with our unique flextime pricing model.

How we make growing your small business a reality with our flextime pricing model.

We take a tailored approach to your business, analyzing your model and listening to your needs. Based on this, we design a plan for both the present and the future. We commence with a small startup fee, then allocate a set number of hours each month to be used as flextime on any project your company requires. This may include SEO and PPC one month, and then developing an online application form the next.

We are always on hand to provide you with the help you need, within the agreed budget.

Sample areas we might spend time in:

  • Update website
  • Photograph a finished job
  • Make updates to Facebook ads
  • Update a social media post
  • Answer a Google review
  • Post content for a blog